Visualize the Wish Fulfilled

A great philosophy to follow for success is a concept of visualizing the wish already fulfilled. I found this incredibly powerful, especially when the goal is a challenging one. By already visualizing what you want to be, you actually start to put it into practice.

There is also a downside to this as well, as if you visualize something negative, you can actually bring that into being as well.

This is why it is important to control your thoughts and learn to manage your own brain’s thought processes. The only thing you can actually control in life, is yourself.

The “Dopamine Diet” from Confucius

Having trouble finding the right motivation lately? There is a way to rediscover it. It is called the “Dopamine Diet” aka the Fasting of the Heart. This is a way to find your flow in life.

Many times, especially in Western Culture, we indulge ourselves way too much. We are also the target of a heavy bombardment of stimulation. This creates a pattern in our brain that is very hard to shake off. When our brain is constantly stimulated, it just wants to rest and shut down and leads towards apathy or zero motivation to do other things.

Here is a talk about it and how to take a fasting break from the constant stimulation so that you can have motivation in your life again for your genuine passions:

“You hear not with the ears, but with the mind; not with the mind, but with your soul.” – Confucius