Help donate to Puerto Rico

On 9/17/22, another major hurricane hit Puerto Rico, Fiona. It was a category 1 hurricane, and it flooded most of the island. As of right now, Sept 22, 2002: some 970,000 households and businesses remain without electricity — nearly two-thirds of subscribers — while more than 437,000 people don’t have running water.

If you would like to donate money, please donate to the following organizations on the ground:

Food –

Health & Hygiene –

Roofing & Repair –

Or you can donate directly to us here at VerdeLuz, as we aim to raise money for chainsaws, hardware equipment and solar powered emergency lights –

Donations of more than +$100 will receive a gift from the island.

School Supplies for Puerto Rico

Children are the Future

During our efforts to help get Puerto Rico back on its feet, we learned a very important lesson about the future. Just like how a seedling turns into a powerful tree, so too does the education of children turn into a wide array of businesses, companies, organizations and efforts.

After Hurricane Maria, and even in many ways before it too; there was a lack of resources and support for children in these impoverished neighborhoods. When a call came out for help, we took it upon ourselves to raise some funds to help support these kids. A little bit goes a long way and we hope that this model can be an example for others to follow.

With only $800 from a PayPal transfer, we were able to put a smiling face on these kids and beyond when it came to their first day of school.