The “Dopamine Diet” from Confucius

Having trouble finding the right motivation lately? There is a way to rediscover it. It is called the “Dopamine Diet” aka the Fasting of the Heart. This is a way to find your flow in life.

Many times, especially in Western Culture, we indulge ourselves way too much. We are also the target of a heavy bombardment of stimulation. This creates a pattern in our brain that is very hard to shake off. When our brain is constantly stimulated, it just wants to rest and shut down and leads towards apathy or zero motivation to do other things.

Here is a talk about it and how to take a fasting break from the constant stimulation so that you can have motivation in your life again for your genuine passions:

“You hear not with the ears, but with the mind; not with the mind, but with your soul.” – Confucius

Up-Level Humanity, Vegan Living & Jackfruit Tacos

Please all me to introduce some wonderful Vegan Living Artistas into your life. Two wonderful friends (Rebecca Muñoz and Jessica Kubiak) have been recording some great Plant Based Living Recipes on their YouTube Channel that you just have to check out.

They run a great operation called – Culture Society – and when we asked Rebecca why she started this, this is what she said:

“My plant based journey began in 2015 when I made the decision to transform my mind, body, and soul through holistic living. I had struggled with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, rapid weight gain, allergies, hormonal imbalances, shingles outbreaks, headaches, stress, anxiety…you name it, I struggled with it.  At that point, I was sick and tired of feeling internally drained, imbalanced, and dependent on the pharmaceuticals that were only masking the issues I was having.

After years of experimenting with different methods of healing, I found eastern medicine and other holistic practices that took my healing journey to another level. In 2017, I took the leap and completely transitioned to a full Vegan lifestyle.  A month into my transition, I started to feel and see results that I hadn’t experienced in years.  

At that point, I was committed and determined to completely heal and restore every aspect of my life through plant based living. I found sustainable success through education, personal development, action, and discipline. I implemented as I learned. The more I learned and implemented; the faster I healed. 

I became passionate about teaching the power of plant based living as I continued to restore and heal my own life. My relationship with food completely changed the trajectory of my health. I aspire to teach people how holistic and plant based living can do the same for them.” – Rebecca Muñoz, Founder & Creative Director, Cultured Society.

Sign a Petition for Public Sanitation Stations

In an effort to halt the tide of COVID-19 infections, we have created a petition for public sanitation stations inside the transportation system. The idea here, is that without a way for regular people to have easy access to sanitize at areas of intersecting high volumes of traffic, there is very little they can do to protect themselves unless they are already prepared. It honestly is a shock to me nobody thought of this before, can we at least get hand sanitizer on the trains?

Please sign and share if you agree – – Thank-you!