Help donate to Puerto Rico

On 9/17/22, another major hurricane hit Puerto Rico, Fiona. It was a category 1 hurricane, and it flooded most of the island. As of right now, Sept 22, 2002: some 970,000 households and businesses remain without electricity — nearly two-thirds of subscribers — while more than 437,000 people don’t have running water.

If you would like to donate money, please donate to the following organizations on the ground:

Food –

Health & Hygiene –

Roofing & Repair –

Or you can donate directly to us here at VerdeLuz, as we aim to raise money for chainsaws, hardware equipment and solar powered emergency lights –

Donations of more than +$100 will receive a gift from the island.

The Long History of Colonialism in Puerto Rico

Recently NPR did an amazing piece on the history of US Colonialism in Puerto Rico. It’s a great podcast of what happened over 100 years ago to today. Many people are not fully aware of the details of what happened and why the relationship between the US and PR became what it is. From human rights abuses, to straight up murder and corporate take overs, this audio clip covers it all. Check it out:

School Supplies for Puerto Rico

Children are the Future

During our efforts to help get Puerto Rico back on its feet, we learned a very important lesson about the future. Just like how a seedling turns into a powerful tree, so too does the education of children turn into a wide array of businesses, companies, organizations and efforts.

After Hurricane Maria, and even in many ways before it too; there was a lack of resources and support for children in these impoverished neighborhoods. When a call came out for help, we took it upon ourselves to raise some funds to help support these kids. A little bit goes a long way and we hope that this model can be an example for others to follow.

With only $800 from a PayPal transfer, we were able to put a smiling face on these kids and beyond when it came to their first day of school.