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Thank-you for taking the time to check out our efforts here at We are an unofficial non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the environment and the life that it sustains.

Why Puerto Rico?

The Island Territory of Puerto Rico is in a unique position to be a proving ground for many environmental technologies and systems. The land is fertile for local farming, and the political climate open to a wide variety of opportunities. The challenges facing the island, are the same challenges people all over the world are facing: Natural Disaster Recovery, Practical Energy Solutions, Sustainable Communities, Education, Equality, Climate Action Resources, Renewability, Economic Integrity, Quality of Life, Infrastructure Development and Recycling.

The Mission

Our goal at, is to promote self-sustainability and develop eco-friendly solutions. In Spanish “Verde Luz” means “Green Light” and our chief aim is to have green-light projects all around the world that can help to improve our environment in the most practical and cutting-edge ways available. Based out of Chicago, we started our work in Puerto Rico and aim to spread our vision worldwide. Through community building efforts, we aim to usher in hyper-localized sustainability. By developing eco-conscious systems, efficiencies can be built into existing architecture and leveraging the proven best practices through product innovation.

Give & Get Back

For those who donate more than $100+, we will contact you directly and send you a complementary gift set made of items built by Puerto Ricans. We have a wonderful network of artist, product specialist and more! Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are also accepting donations form businesses in the form of items that can be donated for the cause. Please contact us!

How Your Money Can Help

We are an unofficial non-profit and every cent given, goes a very long way. Currently we are using a lot of our own money to help others, but soon we will have wonderful products you can buy and fundraiser shows to attend. In the meantime, please donate via Paypal anything you can spare or share this website. Many thanks!

Emergency Relief Aid Text Message

In collobration with our partners in Puerto Rico, there is a hotline SMS text message service for aid setup that people can text this phone number and we will recieve the request for help. Money donated goes towards resources and support for people in the affected areas who are making emergency request through this SMS system. If you need help and are in the affected disaster zone, please text your request to +1-787-389-5082

Dozens of Earthquakes in Puerto Rico

Since Jan. 6, 2020, the island of Puerto Rico has been under a state of emergency. A flurry of earthquakes up to 6.4 have been hitting the island with many aftershocks. We are working with our local partners on the ground to send aid and resources. Right now, the biggest need is funding and donations. Please give what you can. But for those who would like to volunteer, there is an intake form you can fill out here.

Post Maria Facts

This is the % breakdown of people who think the response to the Hurricane could have been better. Each number is out of 100% for its own category / statement made about the response.


62% Say that they are not yet getting the help they need.


52% Say that the Federal Government is not doing enough.


52% believe that the Government's response in Puerto Rico has been too slow.


76% See Local Government disorganization & a slow Federal response as a problem.

Stats sourced from: Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria: The Public’s Knowledge and Views of Its Impact and the Response


We are looking to work with good people who want to make a difference, if that is you please contact us today!

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